Established in 2013, Cameron Pipe Bags provides customers with a high quality product from hand picked sheepskins which are individually crafted and hand stitched.



“John’s sheepskin bags are beautiful hand-crafted and expertly stitched. The bag shape, skin thickness, moisture-absorbent nature and exceptional tonal quality, all make these bags second to none. A real joy to play!”

"John has been supplying me with pipe bags for a number of years. The bags are of very high quality, well made and comfortable. I play one myself and my customers are very happy with them."

"John, I gave the bag a decent blow today, all good and very tight, good equal stitching and very comfortable under the arm.

"What a wonderful bag. Just the easier hide to tie in and I have tied many a bag in over the past 60 years. This has to be the best.
Thank you for a great quality product.
Dressed it with half a tub of Airtight and its really solid. 
Will place another order in the coming weeks.
Thanks again"

"I just thought I'd drop a wee message.
I have had my Cameron bag for coming up on its 3rd season and I can wholeheartedly say it's the best skin bag I have ever played. Aside from the comfort it gives, the bag's ability to handle moisture is second to none and I have had my fair share of skin bags! Keep up the good work."

Hi John, I've seasond the bag a couple of times now and had few good blows with it. Not one single drop of seasoning from the stitching and 100% airtight, and very comfortable under the arm. I think you'll be getting a few more orders from the band!
Thanks very much, Niall

Niall Matheson, 2 Time Highland Society of London Gold Medal Winner

Pipe Major Ben Duncan

Pipe Major Ben Duncan 

Atholl Gathering 2021 - P/A/Open Piobaireachd

P/M Ben Duncan playing....
MacDougall's Gathering
on his medium Cameron sheepskin bag.

Pipe Major Ben Duncan

Atholl Gathering 2021, Open MSR

Pipe Major Ben Duncan playing.... 
The Royal Scottish Piper's Society
Tulloch Castle
Miss Proud
on his medium Cameron sheepskin bag.

Pipe Major Ben Duncan

Atholl Gathering 2021 - Hornpipe & Jig

Pipe Major Ben Duncan playing....
The Passive Drinker 
Biddy from Sligo
on his medium Cameron sheepskin bag.

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